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BarkBuild is a European project under the umbrella of ForestValue ERA-NET programme. The purpose of the project is to develop new wood protection and building materials based on industrially available tree bark waste.

The image is an infographic depicting the process of converting tree bark into wood protection and building materials. It starts with a tree illustration, followed by an arrow pointing to a hand holding tree bark. Above the bark, there is text: "Tree bark." The process splits into two paths: 
1. "Polyphenols Suberinic acid" shown as brown powder leading to "Polyphenol nanoparticles" in a vial with a magnified view. 
2. "Lignin-containing cellulose" shown as shredded material leading to "Lignin-containing nanocellulose" as a brown disc. Both paths merge into a green sprout growing from a yellow base, representing new materials. The right side shows a wooden dock and wooden blocks, labeled "Bark-derived wood protection and building materials." The background features a forest.

From industrial bark residues to sustainable bark-based materials

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